Indiana Outdoor Online Licensing : Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I go if I need to reprint my license?

To reprint a license you will need to go to the following url

How much is the fee to reprint a license?

There is a 5 day grace period once you purchase a license to have it reprinted without a fee assessed. You will be charged a $3 fee to reprint a license.

Does the Indiana web site offer both resident and non-resident fishing, hunting and trapping licenses?

Yes. The first section of the licensing module starts with personal information input that has a "residency indicator check". If you qualify as an Indiana resident, you will need to select "resident". Otherwise, click on the "Non-Resident". A resident is a person who has lived in Indiana continuously for a period of 60 days preceding the date of license or permit purchase. All others are non-residents.

Are there additional fees associated with for purchasing licenses on-line?

No. You will be charged the price of the license, just like at any of the authorized retailers.

What type of credit cards will be accepted when purchasing licenses on-line?

Visa, MasterCard or Discover are all accepted. American Express is not accepted at this time.

Is Indiana's on-line web site secure for credit card transactions?

Yes, when you begin to purchase an on-line license, the browser and our server establish a secure connection through a SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Once the secure connection is made, all entered data, such as personal information, purchase information and credit card information, will be encrypted. You should see "https" instead of "http" in the browser's Location/Address bar and a locked locker will be shown at the bottom of the browser in the status bar. VeriSign certifies the Indiana on-line license web site.

Do I need a printer in order to purchase an on-line license?

Yes. You will need a functioning printer and several blank sheets of paper. The on-line license will be printed from your computer and will be your valid, official license. No other license or stamps will be mailed to you.

Since the license is purchased electronically, do I still need to carry it?

Yes. You will need to carry your signed license with you whenever you go fishing, hunting or trapping. You may make copies of your license, but any license presented to a law enforcement officer must have an original signature.

Can I buy stamps without purchasing a hunting or fishing license if I already have one?

Yes. If you already purchased a hunting or fishing license elsewhere, you may purchase accompanying game bird hunting, waterfowl hunting or trout/salmon fishing privilege.

Do I need my Hunter's Education Certification number in order to purchase a license?

Yes, if you are born after 1986 you will be required to enter your Hunter's Education Certification number and state of issuance.

Are sample temporary transportation tags available on-line?

Temporary transportation tags can be printed from your computer through this web site. You can go to (Deer/ Turkey) and print a temporary transportation tag before going into the field. The use of this sample tag is not required, but a piece of paper is required to tag your deer or turkey before taking it to the check station. The piece of paper must contain your name, address and date (month and day) the deer or turkey was killed.

Will my license print on tear resistant or waterproof paper?

The paper that is loaded into your printer will be the paper your license is printed on. You may make additional copies of the license in case your original is lost or destroyed. Copies must have original signatures.

What do I do if I lose my license?

If you failed to make copies, contact the DNR Customer Service Center at (317) 232-4200 for a specified fee, a duplicate license will be issued.

What do I do if I realize I have made a mistake after I printed my on-line license?

No refunds will be made. Please make your license choices carefully.

What do I do if my printer malfunctions when printing the license?

If your printer malfunctions, return to the “Before you begin” page and select the “Request a license reprint” button. Enter the requested information.

Why was my credit card declined?

Check to see if all the input information is correct and try again if you have problem in processing your credit card. Check your system's clock and adjust it if it is not correct, if you got the message saying your card is expired when actually it was not. You may have been declined due to a network communication problem between our site and the credit card company. If there is an interruption in the transaction request communication with the processor, they will decline our request. If the situation was due to an interruption in communication, you may get through if you try again. The credit card processor may also decline a transaction request for fraud protection reasons. If your card continues to be declined, report the problem to your credit card issuer.

Who do I contact if I have problems?

If you have problems with your transaction, contact accessIndiana at

If you have questions about Indiana hunting, fishing or trapping regulations, go to the DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife web site,