Strategic Plan

After an intensive, year-long process the Indiana Arts Commission in March 2017 gave final approval to the 2017-2021 five-year strategic plan. This document is an important planning foundation for our vision of the arts everywhere, every day, for everyone in Indiana.

Public Steering Committee

The IAC thanks the following committee members for their wisdom, insight and dedication, as well as Sherry Stark (Commissioner, Columbus) for her leadership throughout the process.

  • Bill Barnes
  • Tania Castroverde Moskalenko
  • Minju Choi
  • Sandi Clark
  • Kathryn Cruz-Uribe
  • Senator Jon Ford
  • Jon Kay
  • Sharen Kazee
  • Suzann Lupton
  • Susan Mendenhall
  • Breanca Merritt
  • Warren Miller
  • Karen Moyars
  • Brenda Myers
  • Jennifer Perry, Commissioner
  • Michael Pettry
  • Daren Redman
  • Eric Shields
  • Geoff Shomacker
  • Micah Smith, Commissioner
  • Sherry Stark, Chair, Commissioner
  • Nancy Stewart, Commissioner
  • Lane Velayo
  • Jim Walker

Public Forums

Survey findings were shared with the strategic plan steering committee who identified key themes which were further discussed by the full Commission. Those key themes became the focus of three facilitated live public forums (Web Cafés) for artists, community organizations and community leaders. 153 citizens participated and gave feedback on a variety of questions including in what areas the arts can have the greatest impact in community; support community development goals; and work effectively with economic development. 


The plan process was facilitated by Sara Peterson, of Sara Peterson Consulting. Sara is a management consultant to nonprofits, government, foundations, and community groups. She specializes in practical governance and board development, a wide range of planning and facilitation, evaluation, and organizational assessments. Sara was supported by additional facilitators including Brian Blackford, Project Manager at Indiana Communities Institute, Ball State University; Jamie Levine-Daniel, Assistant Professor, IUPUI School of Public and Environmental Affairs; Joanna Taft, Founding Executive Director, Harrison Center for the Arts and Susan Zurbuchen, Director of the Arts Administration Program at Butler University. David O’Fallon, President & CEO, Minnesota Humanities Center was also engaged to lend expertise to the Commission and staff related to evaluation and outcomes. 

Throughout the process, all meetings (both public forums and Commission-level meetings) had external, objective facilitation, to insure a non-biased result.

It should be noted that all facilitators and hosting institutions offered their assistance and facilities pro bono, in service to their fellow citizens.