Smoking Ban Complaints

Indiana Code 7.1-5-12, Prohibition on Smoking, took effect on July 1, 2012.

All complaints regarding violations of Indiana’s smoking ban must be submitted on the below form. Complainants may choose to withhold their name and contact information.

Only complaints regarding the state smoking ban may be submitted here. For information on how to file other complaints, contact your local excise police district office.

All complaints received will be investigated by the Indiana State Excise Police or another appropriate agency, depending on the locations of the purported violations.

No local town, city, or county smoking ban complaints should be filed here. Contact your local town, city, or county government for information on how to file a complaint regarding a local ordinance. The below form is only for complaints regarding Indiana’s statewide smoking ban, I.C. 7.1-5-12.

An owner, manager, operator, or official in charge of a public place or place of employment who fails to comply with a requirement imposed by Indiana’s smoking ban commits a Class B infraction.


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Additional Comments - Please be as specific as possible when describing the location where the prohibited smoking is occurring.