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Identity Theft Prevention

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ID Theft FaceOff Game

Think you’re not at risk of identity theft? Put your knowledge to the test and let your results reveal the answer to that question. Try the FTC’s online game or take a quick quiz.

Try battling it out with an identity thief in the online game, ID FaceOff.


Are You at Risk for Identity Theft?

Test your Identity Quotient here.

Each one of these questions represents a possible avenue for an identity thief.



Understanding Your Score

  • 100 + points – Recent surveys indicate that 7-10 million people were victims of identity theft last year. You are at high risk. We recommend you purchase a paper shredder, become more security aware in document handling, and start to question why people need your personal data.
  • 50-100 points – Your odds of being victimized are about average. Higher if you have good credit.
  • 0-50 points – Congratulations. You have a high “IQ.” Keep up the good work and don’t let your guard down now.

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