Grade A & Manufactured Grade Products Processing Plants

Indiana's dairy processing facilities vary widely in size, capacity, distribution areas and product lines. The very smallest produce small quantities of artisan cheeses by traditional methods on the farm. Some of the largest producers of commercially labeled ice cream and fluid milk process and package their products in Indiana to ship throughout the country under internationally known brand names.

Regardless of what is produced, or how it is made, all dairy products offered for sale must be from an approved, inspected source. Unpasteurized (raw) milk cannot be sold legally directly from a farm. Likewise, farm-produced dairy products, including cheese, butter and yogurt, may be sold only from facilities licensed and inspected by the State Board of Animal Health.

All facilities, regardless of size and capacity, receive the same level of inspection by BOAH staff to ensure that the handling practices are safe, the equipment is clean and sanitary and the products are wholesome to protect the consuming public.

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