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Cast Opportunities

A Lonely Life for Charity


Project Type: Documentary

Audition Location: Anderson, IN

Audition Date: 2/13/2016 (2:00 PM)

About the Project
"A Lonely Life for Charity" will follow the host (now casting) across the country and they work for a nonprofit selling raffle tickets to raise money and awareness for national charities.

The documentary will center around the host, the reason for doing this job, and why they are working to support these causes.

The causes are breast cancer awareness, children cancer research, homelessness, and prevention for the cruelty to animals.

You will travel in a car with cameraman/producer for the next 2 months, break for a month, then back for 2 months, etc.

Project Filming Dates: 2/20-4/19

Casting Needs

Host - young, energetic, charismatic, passionate, with a heart for the following charities:






Must be able to clear schedule 100% and be available to be on the road for 2 months.

Back home for 1 month, then back for 2, for the next year.



You will travel in car with producer, so travel is covered.  Hotel provided (shared).  $60 per day per diem (food, etc).  You will get a 20% stake in the documentary and compensated as producer/host when it is sold.


Casting is 2/13 and shooting starts 2/20 so make sure you are able to participate before submitting.

Non-Union / Unpaid

For More Information

Produced by Ransom Rich Entertainment.




Please read all casting info before submitting!


Email headshots/resume to ransomprods@yahoo.com.

Expires 2/14/2016


Birds Eye View


Project Type: Short Film

Audition Location: Indianapolis, IN

Audition Date: Feb 27 & 28, 2016

About the Project
The story revolves around two characters. Their love story has 5 set of scenes and each scene contains a tiny climax. Each climax contains a bird's eye view of character judgment.

Project Filming Dates: March 26, 2016

Casting Needs

Sandy (Lead Role)

Indian or mixed Indian male, 25-30, Medium fair/fair skin. 5.9'-5.10'. Preferably little skinny or fit, attractive, Cool, Easy going, happy guy, partying, modern and kind at heart.


Sam (Character Role)

American male 21-25, 5'10-6.1'.  student type, thin/medium heavy, fit, Cool, easy going, messy, beer drinker.  


Jesus (Character Role)

Mexican/Chinese male, 21-25, 5.0-5.6'. student type, Confused, impressionable and gullible.  A bit chubby and short. Less dialogue, more expression.


Raju (Character Role)

Indian male 22-25 year’s student type with thick Indian accent. 5.5’-5.8’. Small or medium size weight.

Obedient to his culture. Afraid of change and modernism. Suffering from bit of culture shock.


Dinesh (Character Role- Lead role's Friend) Indian male. 25-30. 5.11'-6.0' handsome, affluent/wealthy looking, chocolate boy type, smiling face.


Ali (Character Role- Lead role's Friend) Middle East male, 25-30 years old. 5'8" - 5'10". Toned body. Presents as a quiet, conservative person, but his friends know him as a fun, partying guy. Charming, Shuttle expressions, have different shades to this character. Portrays Friendship, care and anger.  

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements

For More Information

Shooting is planned to start during the middle/end of March. Shooting will be in and around Indianapolis, IN. Auditions will be on Feb 27 and Feb 28 in Indiana. Date, time and specific location will be emailed to the selected candidates. Actors from neighbor states/cities will be having audition through Skype. Please fill this form and email to birdseyeview16@gmail.com with one medium profile pic and one full length pic.


Full Name:




Name of the role you are applying for:

Phone Number:

Email address:

Skype Id (If applicable):





Body type:

Do you need transportation? Yes/No:

Any previous acting experience, yes/No:

If yes.. Please explain, also include if you have any link to your performance video


Any extra skills (Dance, sing, etc…) :


P.S: Last day to send your profile is Feb 25. Profiles sent after that may not be considered. If we have any further audition we will update the post. Contact us birdseyeview16@gmail.com  for any questions. Looking forward to find more talents.




Expires 2/25/2016


The Promise


Project Type: Feature Film

Audition Location: Terre Haute, IN

Audition Date: April 11-12, 2016 (1:00 PM - 4:00 PM)

About the Project
A 25 year old woman searches for Mr. Right, while trying to keep a promise to care for her elderly grandfather, after the passing of her grandmother.

Mackenzie is beautiful, kind and successful, but something is missing in her life: True love!

Mackenzie was an only child and her parents died in a car crash when she was 5. She was raised by her loving grandparents, but two years ago, her grandmother Violet passed away. Now it is Mackenzie's job to take care of Grandpa and keep the promise she made to Grandma Violet. But in addition to taking care of her elderly grandfather, Mackenzie desperately wants to find Mr. Right and start a family. Can she possibly do both? Is Grandpa ready to let his little girl go?

Project Filming Dates: June - Dec. 2016 (weekends only)

Casting Needs

We are looking to cast our LEADING LADY.

The actress who wins this role MUST be CAUCASIAN and have brown hair and brown eyes, as we have already cast the 5 year old Mackenzie for flashbacks. This actress should be very close to the age of 25 years old. Please do not submit if you cannot legitimately PASS for twenty-five.


This actress needs to be very attractive and thin build. Tall is great! We are looking for the "Girl next door" look, with no visible tattoos and definitely NO face piercings!


This actress needs to be close to our location of shooting, which is TERRE HAUTE, Indiana 47802. We ask that you NOT submit if you are more than 2.5 hours away from Terre Haute.


This actress needs to have a flexible schedule as we will film on weekends, (only 1 or 2 weekends per month) and plan to start in June and film for the rest of the year. We may or may not finish before Christmas. We need to take this slow, so we can capture all seasons in the movie and do this film right.


We ask that only experienced actresses apply, as this film is very important to us, and we want to do our very best. We already have a foreign sales agent waiting to see this film upon completion, and it needs to be AMAZING.


The actress who wins this role needs to have an amazing wardrobe that she can bring with her, as the character of Mackenzie is a successful business woman, who dresses classy. We hope that the actress who wins this role is great at memorizing lines, as it helps get the scenes filmed quicker. 


PLEASE NOTE: While our film is non-union, the leading cast will be paid if we are able to sell the film, therefore, compensation is on the back end for this family friendly, faith based romantic comedy. Therefore, please only submit if you want to act because it is a passion and a dream to act, and not just for the money.


Full IMDb credit will be received along with a free copy of the film.  Fuel reimbursement assistance will be offered, and lodging will be offered. Meals are always provided on set. We offer a safe, friendly and professional working environment in a faith based atmosphere. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Non-Union / Unpaid

Audition Requirements
Prepared Monologue

For More Information

Please contact Candy @ candy_dreamscometruefilmsllc@yahoo.com with "THE PROMISE" in the subject line.


Please send at least 3 head shots that have not been photo shopped. Two of the head shots can be with make-up, and we would like to see one without make-up. (NO SELFIES!)


If you submit selfies, your submission will not be considered.


If you cannot afford professional photography, please ask a friend or neighbor to take some shots of you. We would also need a full recent body shot. Again, it is not required to have professional photographs taken, we just want to see the best and most natural YOU. Let your personality shine through.

Expires 4/10/2016


Looking for June Apple


Project Type: Feature Film

About the Project
Looking for June Apple (name subject to change) is about a city man going to a small town, believing it to be Mayberry (from the Andy Griffith show), but all is not what it seems... Twisted versions of the known characters abound. Will they find their Mayberry?

Imdb credit. Possible pay if enough funding is secured.

Project Filming Dates: April and May 2016

Casting Needs

Main characters:

Danny, sheriff, male caucasian, 30-45, lead Ernie, deputy sheriff, male, 30-45 Omie, female "Otis", 30s, tall, beautiful, lead Cobie, child of sheriff, 7-9, caucasian Homer, gas station employee, a bit slow, 30s Ken, old grumpy businessman, over 55 Older lady, sweet-looking but grows weed (in movie!), over 60 Bonita, waitress, 25-35, pref. Hispanic

Many more speaking roles and extras needed.

Non-Union / Unpaid

For More Information

If interested, send headshot and resume, reel if available, to tmuncy@terrymuncy.com . We will contact you to audition or self-tape.

Expires 2/29/2016




Project Type: Student Film / Short Film

About the Project
Will, an introverted 26 year old, tries to reconnect with his childhood friend Skyler. However, when an unfortunate event takes place, Will realizes he must confront his own fears.

This is a narrative short film.

Project Filming Dates: Early to late March 2016

Casting Needs

Looking for one male (mid to late 20s) and one women (mid to late 20s) to play the main characters.

If interested please contact as soon as possible.

Non-Union / Unpaid

For More Information

Email: jbranceproductions@gmail.com

Expires 2/29/2016


Bob's Birthday


Project Type: Student Film

About the Project
Bob's Birthday is an animated film that won the Academy Award for best short animation in 1994. I plan to adapt this story into a live action film for my capstone project.

Bob struggles with the idea of turning 40 and to overcome it internally and with the help of his wife.

A crude and real comedy.

Project Filming Dates: Feb. 26th-28th

Casting Needs

I am looking for one male actor 40 and older and another female actor 40 and older to play the main characters in the story.

I am also looking for a female between 20-28 for a smaller part in the film.

If interested please contact me as soon as possible.

Non-Union / Unpaid

For More Information

Email: nporres@butler.edu

Cell phone: 317-605-1036

Expires 2/26/2016