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Indiana Historical Bureau

Indiana Historical Bureau

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  • Purchases may be made via a visit to the shop, by telephone (317-232-2535), fax (317-232-1659), or e-mail (ihb @ More info on purchasing here.

Custom Made Pewter State House Ornament

$16.00 / Order No. 1613


Pewter Bicentennial Ornaments

Order No. 1595

Order No. 1594

Indianapolis Souvenier Medallion

Order No. 1596

Race Car Count

Rebecca Kai Dotlich

This charming race car story reinforces the concept of the numbers one through 10 in rhyming text. It begins, "Race car 1 honks, Look at me!/He zooms in front with the turn of a key." Each car in the story is a different color and style reflecting its unique personality. A visual winner, the illustrations are brightly colored and drawn in a cartoon style that will appeal to fans of the "Cars" movies. The text is clear and simple and conveys the fast-paced story. Cars overcome rain, a pile-up, and even chomping gators in this race. But the fun does not come to an end quite yet. At the end of the race, they line up to do it all over again. At the back of the book there is also a page called Meet the Race Cars! In addition to each race car having a separate picture, there is other "vital" information. For example, race car number 9, named Comet, loves milk shakes and collects hubcaps. VERDICT This popular transportation-themed book is sure to be a crowd pleaser. —Robin Sofge, Alexandria Library, VA, School Library Journal

cloth / 32 pp / 2015 / 978-1627790093 / $14.99
Order No. 1599

H is for Hoosier: An Indiana Alphabet

Cynthia Furlong Reynolds

Indiana is called the Hoosier State and its people are known as Hoosiers, although historians don't really know why. They do, however, have several ideas about the origins of the famous nickname. Children can learn these origins and other facts about the Hoosier state in H is for Hoosier: An Indiana Alphabet.

cloth / 40 pp / 2001 / 978-1585360413 / $17.95
Order No. 483

All-American Girl

Meg Cabot

According to Hoosier author Meg Cabot, Samantha Madison is just your average disenfranchised sophomore gal living in D.C. when, in an idle moment sandwiched between cookie-buying and CD-perusing, she puts a stop to an attempt on the life of the president. Before she can say "MTV2" she’s appointed Teen Ambassador to the U.N. and has caught the eye of the very cute First Son.

paper / 398 pp / 2008 / 978-0-06-147989-2 / $8.99
Order No. 1598

Stone Indiana Coaster

Set of 4 coasters by D & W Stonecrafts
Order No. 1338

Indiana Bicentennial Lapel Pin

Order No. 1590

New Postcards

First Indy 500 Winner's Car
Order No. 1339


First Indy 500 Starting Lineup
Order No. 1340
Out of Stock

Just Pop In! Popcorn

Caramel Nut Crunch
Order No. 1367

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
Order No. 1586

Sharp Cheddar
Order No. 1568
Out of Stock

Road Trip: A Pocket History of Indiana

Andrea Neal

The bicentennial of Indiana’s statehood in 2016 is the perfect time for Hoosiers of all stripes to hit the road and visit sites that speak to the nineteenth state’s character. In her book, Andrea Neal has selected the top 100 events/historical figures in Indiana history, some well-known like George Rogers Clark, and others obscured by time or memory such as the visit of Marquis de Lafayette to southern Indiana.

paper / 261 pp. / 2016 / 9780871953957 / $17.95
Order No. 1591


Custom Historical Election Stickers

Eugene V. Debs
8" x 3"
Order No. 1665

Benjamin Harrison
8" x 3"
Order No. 1336


Stickers by Hoosier Proud



Temporarily Out of Stock

Home Sticker
1.85" x 6"
Order No. 1334

Temporarily Out of Stock


Abraham Lincoln
3" x 5"
Order No. 1316

State Flag
3" x 5"
Order No. 1313

Indy 500
3" x 5"
Order No. 1329

Indiana Bicentennial Magnet

Order No. 1309
Temporarily Out of Stock

Soldiers and Sailors Monument Replica

4": $9.99, Order No. 1311
8": $19.99, Order No. 1308
Out of Stock

Indiana Heart Paperweight

 Hot Blown Glass by Lisa Pelo
 Small: $16.80, Order No. 1283
 Large: $26.00, Order No. 1284



Indiana Bicentennial Medal

The specially commissioned Indiana bicentennial medal, sponsored by the Indiana Bankers Association, honors the 200th anniversary of Indiana statehood. Designed by an Indiana artist, the obverse side features iconic Hoosier imagery, and the reverse is inscribed with the Indiana state seal. Available in diameters of 3" or 1 ¾," both keepsake sizes are available in antique bronze.

 Set: $49.95 / Order no. 1571
 3": $39.95 / Order no. 1570
 1¾": $19.95 / Order no. 1569

Sieze the Night Designs (an endorsed Bicentennial project)

The Leon Necklace The Warren Necklace The Sydney Bracelet

Small Indiana charm cut from Lincoln head,
penny hangs on 18" metal chain
Order no. 1280

Small medal Indiana with heart cutout in center,
hangs on 18" metal chain
Order no. 1282

Soft deer skin leather bracelet. Holds vintage transit token. Features Soldiers and Sailors monument.
Order no. 1281

Indiana's 200: The People Who Shaped the Hoosier State

Linda C. Gugin and James E. St. Clair (editors)

This volume recognizes the people who made enduring contributions to the state of Indiana in its 200-year history. Written by historians, scholars, biographers, and independent researchers, the biographical essays will enhance the public s knowledge and appreciation of those who made a difference in the lives of Hoosiers, the country, and even the world. While the essays contain standard biographical information, emphasis is placed on what these people accomplished and the resulting impact of their lives on the state and elsewhere.

Subjects profiled in the book include individuals from all fields of endeavor: law, politics, art, music, entertainment, literature, sports, education, business/industry, religion, science/invention/technology, as well as the notorious.

cloth / 436 pp. / 2015 / 9780871953872 / $39.95
Order no. 1519

Mapping Indiana: Five Centuries of Treasures from the Indiana Historical Society

Eric Mundell, Amy Belcher, Erin Kirchhoff

Although it is not known exactly when the first map found its way into the collection of the Indiana Historical Society, its acquisition could have taken place as early as 1830, the year of the organization's founding, Over the last 179 years the IHS has continued to add cartographic gems to its collection. The scope of the maps maintained by the Society ranges from several Old World views of North America to more contemporary views of Indiana counties and towns. While the focus of the map collection is broad geographically, its core subject is Indiana and the documentation of the state’s evolving history.

cloth / 322 pp. / 2015 / 9780871952776 / $59.95
Order no. 1583


Indian Mounds of the Middle Ohio Valley: A Guide to Mounds and Earthworks of the Adena, Hopewell, Cole, and Fort Ancient People

Susan L. Woodward and Jerry N. McDonald

Mounds and earthworks are the most conspicuous elements of prehistoric Native American culture to be found on the landscape of eastern North America. This book identifies and describes 70 extant, publicly accessible sites in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia, where mounds were constructed by Woodland people beginning some 3000 years ago. This book also reviews the culture, history, and geography of the Woodland and Late Prehistoric mound building groups and the fate of their structures during the Historic period. Sources of additional information about the Ohio Valley mound building groups are provided, as is access information for the mound and earthwork sites. The revised edition of the popular guide book incorporates new information and ideas about the mound building groups that have appeared since the first edition was published in 1986, and describes almost twice as many sites as were in the earlier edition.

paper / 318 pp. / 2002 / 9780939923724 / $27.95
Order no. 1572

House of the Singing Woods: The Life and Work of T.C. Steele

Rachel Berenson Perry

First published in 1966, and now available for Indiana's 2016 bicentennial, this account of the life and work of T.C. Steele, one of Indiana's most renowned artists, includes a new essay on the life of his second wife, Selma Neubacher Steele by Hoosier art authority Rachel Bereson Perry. This revised edition of what has become a classic of the painter's life and career includes approximately seventy-five Steele paintings from the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites, Indiana Museum of Art, Indiana University Art Museum, and private collections. The book also includes original text by Selma Steele ("The House of the Singing Winds"), Theordore L. Steele, the painter's grandson ("The Life"), and former director of the John Herron Art Museum, Wilbur Peat ("The Work").

cloth / 236 pp. / 2016 / 9780871953988 / $39.95
Order no. 1587

Barnstorming the Prairies: How Aerial Vision Shaped the Midwest

Jason Weems

Barnstorming the Prairies offers a panoramic vista of the transformative nature and power of the aerial vision that remade the Midwest in the wake of the airplane. This new perspective from above enabled Americans to conceptualize the region as something other than isolated and unchanging, and to see it instead as a dynamic space where people worked to harmonize the core traditions of America’s agrarian character with the more abstract forms of twentieth-century modernity. In the maps and aerial survey photography of the Midwest, as well as the painting, cinema, animation, and suburban landscapes that arose through flight, Weems also finds a different and provocative view of modernity in the making. In representations of the Midwest, from Grant Wood’s iconic images to the Prairie style of Frank Lloyd Wright to the design of greenbelt suburbs, Weems reveals aerial vision’s fundamental contribution to regional identity—to Midwesternness as we understand it.

paper / 368 pp. / 2015 / 9780816677511 / $34.95
Order no. 1574

Exiles and Pioneers: Eastern Indians in the Trans-Mississippi West

John P. Bowes

Exiles and Pioneers analyzes the removal and post-removal histories of Shawnee, Delaware, Wyandot, and Potawatomi Indians. The book argues that the experience of these eastern Indians from the late 1700s to the 1860s was at its core a struggle over geographic and political place within the expanding United States. Even as American expansion limited the geographic scope of Indian lands, the extension of American territories and authority raised important questions about the political status of these Indians as individuals as well as nations within the growing republic. More specifically, the national narrative and even the prominent images of Indian removal cast the eastern Indians as exiles who were constantly pushed beyond the edges of American settlement. This study proposes that ineffective federal policies and ongoing debates within Indian communities also cast some of these eastern Indians as pioneers, unwilling trailblazers in the development of the United States.

paper / 272 pp. / 2007 / 9780521674195 / $29.99
Order no. 1577

IN Writing: Uncovering the Unexpected Hoosier State

Douglas A. Wissing

Fueled by an insider’s view of Indiana and the state’s often surprising connections to the larger world, IN Writing is revelatory. It is Indiana in all its glory: sacred and profane; saints and sinners; war and peace; small towns and big cities; art, architecture, poetry and victuals. It’s about Hoosier talent and Hoosier genius: the courageous farmer-soldiers who ardently try to win the hearts and minds of 21st century Afghan insurgents; the artisans whose work pulses with the aesthetics of far-away homelands; and the famous modernist poet who had to leave to make his mark. It’s about places that speak to a wider world: Columbus and its remarkable architecture; New Harmony and its enduring idealism; Indianapolis and its world-renowned Crown Hill cemetery. IN Writing makes visible the unexpected bonds between Indiana and the world at large.

paper / 264 pp. / 2016 / 9780253019042 / $27.00
Order no. 1576

Latino Heartland: Of Borders and Belonging in the Midwest

Sujey Vega

Latino Heartland offers an ethnography of the Latino and non-Latino residents of a small Indiana town, showing how national debate pitted neighbor against neighbor—and the strategies some used to combat such animosity. It conveys the lived impact of divisive political rhetoric on immigration and how race, gender, class, and ethnicity inform community belonging in the twenty-first century.

paper /  304 pp. / 2015 / 9781479896042 / $35.62
Order no. 1575

On This Day in Indianapolis History

Dawn E. Bakken

Although best known for “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” Indianapolis claims countless fascinating stories that happened off the track—one for every date on the calendar. In a single day on January 1, 1970, Indianapolis jumped from the nation’s twenty-sixth largest city to number eleven. On July 25, 1934, gangster and native son John Dillinger was laid to rest in Crown Hill Cemetery, where chips of his four successive gravestones became favorite city souvenirs. On September 17, 1945, the nation finally learned that Indianapolis was the top-secret manufacturing center for the Norden bombsight, crucial to Allied victory. And on September 6, 1959, jazz musician Wes Montgomery and his brothers finished recording one of their most popular albums. One day at a time, author Dawn Bakken chronicles a year of people, places and events in Circle City history.

paper /  219 pp. / 2016 / 9781626197572 / $21.99
Order no. 1279

Ben-Hur: A Story of the Christ

Lew Wallace

Ben-Hur is one of the best selling books of all times. This poignant novel intertwines the life stories of a Jewish charioteer named Judah Ben-Hur and Jesus Christ. It explores the themes of betrayal and redemption. Ben-Hur's family is wrongly accused and convicted of treason during the time of Christ. Ben-Hur fights to clear his family's name and is ultimately inspired by the rise of Jesus Christ and his message.

paper / 564 pp. / 1880 (2012 edition) / 9780451532091 / $7.95
Order no. 1580

And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut: A Life

Charles J. Shields

While millions know Vonnegut as a counterculture guru, antiwar activist, and satirist of American culture, few outside his closest friends and family knew the full arc of his extraordinary life. And So It Goes changes that, painting the portrait of a man who made friends easily but always felt lonely, sold millions of books but never felt appreciated, and described himself as a humanist but fought with humanity at large. As a former public relations man, Vonnegut crafted his image carefully―the avuncular, curly-haired humorist―though he admitted, "I myself am a work of fiction." The extremely wide and overwhelmingly positive review coverage for And So It Goes has been nothing less than extraordinary and confirm it as the definitive biography of Kurt Vonnegut.

paper /  515 pp. / 2012 / 9781250012180 / $17.99
Order no. 1581

Kurt Vonnegut: Letters

Introduction by Dan Wakefield

This extraordinary collection of personal correspondence has all the hallmarks of Kurt Vonnegut’s fiction. Written over a sixty-year period, these letters, the vast majority of them never before published, are funny, moving, and full of the same uncanny wisdom that has endeared his work to readers worldwide. Vonnegut’s unmediated observations on science, art, and commerce prove to be just as inventive as any found in his novels—from a crackpot scheme for manufacturing “atomic” bow ties to a tongue-in-cheek proposal that publishers be allowed to trade authors like baseball players. (“Knopf, for example, might give John Updike’s contract to Simon and Schuster, and receive Joan Didion’s contract in return.”) Taken together, these letters add considerable depth to our understanding of this one-of-a-kind literary icon, in both his public and private lives. Each letter brims with the mordant humor and openhearted humanism upon which he built his legend. And virtually every page contains a quotable nugget that will make its way into the permanent Vonnegut lexicon.

paper /  480 pp. / 2014 / 9780385343763 / $20.00
Order no. 1579


At Home With Ernie Pyle

Owen V. Johnson, Editor

As anyone who has read his legendary WWII reporting knows, Ernie Pyle had an uncanny ability to connect with his readers, seeking out stories about the common people with whom he felt a special bond. A master of word painting, Pyle honed the skills that would win him a 1944 Pulitzer Prize for his battlefront reporting by traveling across America, writing columns about the people and places he encountered. At Home with Ernie Pyle celebrates Pyle’s Indiana roots, gathering for the first time his writings about the state and its people. These stories preserve a vivid cultural memory of his time. In them, we discover the Ernie Pyle who was able to find a piece of home wherever he wandered. By focusing on his family and the lives of people in and from the Hoosier state, Pyle was able to create a multifaceted picture of the state as it slowly transformed from a mostly rural, agrarian society to a modern, industrial one. Here is the record of a special time and place created by a master craftsman, whose work remains vividly alive three quarters of a century later.

cloth / 424 pp. / 2016 / 9780253019059 / $30.00
Order no. 1585

On Her Own Ground: The Life and Times of Madam C.J. Walker

A'Lelia Bundles

On Her Own Ground is the first full-scale, definitive biography of Madam C. J. Walker—the legendary African American entrepreneur and philanthropist—by her great-great-granddaughter, A'Lelia Bundles. On Her Own Ground is not only the first comprehensive biography of one of recent history's most amazing entrepreneurs and philanthropists, it is about a woman who is truly an African American icon. Drawn from more than two decades of exhaustive research, the book is enriched by the author's exclusive access to personal letters, records and never-before-seen photographs from the family collection. Bundles also showcases Walker's complex relationship with her daughter, A'Lelia Walker, a celebrated hostess of the Harlem Renaissance and renowned friend to both Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston. In chapters such as “Freedom Baby,” “Motherless Child,” “Bold Moves” and “Black Metropolis,” Bundles traces her ancestor's improbable rise to the top of an international hair care empire that would be run by four generations of Walker women until its sale in 1985. Along the way, On Her Own Ground reveals surprising insights, tells fascinating stories and dispels many misconceptions.

paper / 416 pp. / 2001 / 9780743431729 / $17.99
Order no. 1584