Indiana General Assembly Members

Frank Mrvan
Senate District 1

Mark Messmer
Senate District 48


Peggy Mayfield
House District 60

State Agency Members

Maria Conde-Barwise
Designee, Indiana Department of Education

Virginia Hernandez-Ocasio
Designee, Indiana Civil Rights Commission

Tina Little
Designee, Indiana Department of Corrections

Brenda Graves-Croom
Designee, Indiana Family and Social Services Administration

Andrea Perez
Designee, Indiana State Department of Health

Sabrina Rahn
Designee, Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Designee, Lt. Governor's Office

Governor's Appointee

Seth Morales

President Pro Tempore Appointees

Richard Espinosa

Christian Gallo

Herb Hernandez

Teresa Mora

Speaker of the House Appointees

Rebecca Kubacki

Francisco Garcia

Jesusa Rivera

Lillian Casillas