Pre-Basic Course


A request to conduct a Pre-Basic Course must be submitted one week prior to the intended start date.

The Pre-Basic Course is no longer available as a self-study course. Each topic in the curriculum must now be presented using the provided online materials by an LETB certified instructor.
Any other materials that were previously available for download from the Academy website are now invalid and cannot be use for this course.

To gain access to the current materials you must submit your request to conduct a Pre-Basic course to Lt. Lance Burris with the following information on Department Letterhead via fax, mail or email (

  1. When the class will be held, include starting and ending dates.
  2. Where the class will be held.
  3. Who is the lead instructor? 
  4. Lead instructor's LETB certified instructor number.
  5. How many students in the class.
  6. A secured email address
  7. Instructor's PS ID number

If Lt. Burris finds your request complete and you are eligible to conduct the course, he will forward to your email an approval letter with instruction on how to conduct the course.

Because the Academy is using a new platform for presenting the Pre-basic Course, the email you will receive to gain access through the Acadis portal looks different than the previous “webinar” email from the Academy.

Please be alert for an email with the “From” box reading:   
Indiana Public Safety Personnel Portal Admin []

The “Subject” line on the email will read:   
Indiana Public Safety Portal Welcome Inf

Upon completion of the course:

  1. Destroy all testing materials; examinations and answer keys.
  2. Make two copies of the Affidavit of Completion then:
    1. Give the original to the student.
    2. Retain one copy in your department records.
    3. Send a copy to the academy via email or U.S. Mail.
Methods of submitting affidavit to the academy:
  1. Scan the completed affidavit, which includes signatures, and email it to the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy ( 
    If the affidavit is incomplete, the discrepancy will be highlighted and returned by email to the department who will make corrections and return by email to the academy.  
  2. Scan the affidavit, minus the signatures and save as a file.  Then scan into a file the required signatures.  Using the "cut and paste" method, insert these signatures onto the affidavit in the proper signature block and email to the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy ( 
    Take a digital camera image of the required signatures and upload from the camera into a computer. Then insert the signatures onto the form and email to the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy ( Once the signature images are saved, you will have them on file for additional Pre-Basic forms.  
  3. For those department that do not have a scanner, please continue to send the completed affidavit via US Mail/Fax to the attention of Lt. Lance M. Burris.
If you have any questions about these options, you may contact Lt. Lance M. Burris at (317) 837-3265,  (, or mail to P.O. Box 313, Plainfield, IN 46168.
Remember, the student has not completed the course until the Affidavit has been submitted to the Academy
Thank you for your continued support and help in training Indiana Police Officers.

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