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Target Date Fund (TDF) changes effective April 1, 2015:
  1. a rebalancing of the existing TDFs (similar to what took place in August 2014),
    If you are in the 2035, 2030, 2025, or 2020 TDFs, your asset allocation will shift slightly to more of a conservative asset mix. This is in line with the funds’ objectives of reducing risk as the target retirement date approaches.
  2. a roll-down of the 2015 Fund TDF into the Retirement Fund TDF,
    This means your TDF selection will show that you have reached your target date of retirement. After markets close on March 31, 2015, all assets in the 2015 Fund will be merged with the Retirement Fund. The Retirement Fund has the most conservative allocation of all the TDFs. The 2015 Fund will no longer be an investment option. Assets will merge the evening of March 31. Note that your quarterly statement ending March 31, 2015 will show a transfer.
  3. and, the addition of the 2060 TDF.
    A new fund, (2060 Fund) will be added to the TDF line-up. It will be designed for participants furthest away from retirement.



1Only available for the Legislators Defined Contribution Plan (LEDC). INPRS' CRIF is currently known as Consolidated Defined Benefit Assets (CDBA).
2Not available for TRF Annuity Savings Accounts (ASA).