Clean Water Indiana Grants


The Clean Water Indiana (CWI) Program was established to provide financial assistance to landowners and conservation groups.  The financial assistance supports the implementation of conservation practices which will reduce nonpoint sources of water pollution through education, technical assistance, training, and cost sharing programs.  The CWI fund is administered by the Division of Soil Conservation under the direction of the State Soil Conservation Board.

The (CWI) Program is responsible for providing local matching funds as well as grants for sediment and nutrient reduction projects through Indiana’s Soil and Water Conservation Districts.  CWI also contributes critical state matching funds for Indiana’s Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, an initiative which utilizes federal funds to encourage landowners to conserve environmentally sensitive land.  Furthermore, the (CWI) Program has supported the Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative which focuses on management systems approach to crop production which results in improved soil and water quality as well as profitability on Indiana cropland.

Districts will find that these programs are not "one size fits all", however, we encourage SWCDs to "think outside the box" and submit creative and innovative ideas within the guidance provided.

For more information about the Clean Water Indiana Program, please contact:
Leah Harmon
Clean Water Indiana Program Manager


2018 Clean Water Indiana Grant Information

For 2018, the State Soil Conservation Board (SSCB) voted to hold a grant program focusing on multi-year grants.

The Clean Water Indiana Grants Committee is Ray Chattin, Bob Eddleman, and Nola Gentry.

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