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Mary Willis
Chief Administrative Officer

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Office of Judicial Administration

The Office of Judicial Administration is responsible for the efficient administration of all agencies that operate under the direction of the Chief Justice and the Supreme Court. That includes 200 personnel; fiscal management; communication; technology; legal services; intergovernmental relations; services for the trial courts; and support for court boards, commissions, and committees. The Office is headed by Chief Administrative Officer Mary Willis.


Supreme Court organizes single Office of Judicial Administration

The Supreme Court asked the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) to evaluate its procedures and structure. After interviews with judges and court staff, comparisons to other states, and document review, the NCSC provided the Court with recommendations. The result is a plan with a single administrative office and enhanced communication, clarification of staff responsibilities, documentation of institutional knowledge, and a plan for the succession of key personnel.

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Consistent with constitutional and statutory directives, Administrative Rule 20, adopted effective September 2, 2016, consolidates the Court’s administrative responsibilities and helps eliminate duplicative services and enhance transparency and efficiency.

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