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State Court Administration > Programs & Projects > Mortgage Foreclosure Trial Court Assistance Project Mortgage Foreclosure Trial Court Assistance Project

This website is for judicial officers and other court personnel who would like more information about the structure and functions of the Mortgage Foreclosure Trial Court Assistance Project, as well as instructions on requesting assistance for current or proposed trial court settlement conference programs.

Resources for Starting a Local Program

Learn about best practices, access forms, get answers to questions, and find foreclosure mediation specialists.

Mortgage Foreclosure Task Force

Get statewide data on settlement conferences and learn more about the Mortgage Foreclosure Task Force.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mediator Registry

A list of registered Indiana foreclosure mediators.

Help for Borrowers and Attorneys

Visit our guide to mortgage foreclosure settlement conferences created for borrowers, attorneys, and housing counselors.

More Information

Pre-Suit Notice (for Creditor Attorneys) (PDF)

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) has prescribed the attached language for the pre-suit notice required under Indiana Code 32-30-10.5-8(a).

Mortgage Foreclosure Best Practices (PDF)
In October 2010, the Division of State Court Administration convened a task force composed of representatives from the Office of the Attorney General, trial court judges, lenders’ counsel, debtors’ counsel, academics, and MFTCAP facilitators to draft a list of “best practices” to assist trial courts in handling mortgage foreclosure cases. These Best Practices are periodically updated and amended by the Task Force.

Mortgage Foreclosure Best Practices - Petition by Indiana Attorney General (PDF)
On January 3, 2011, the Office of the Indiana Attorney General filed a petition for the Supreme Court to adopt these “best practices” as requirements in all mortgage foreclosure actions statewide. Read the petition (PDF)

Video - Get Help Get Hope 2010: Mortgage Foreclosure Help
Encouraging troubled Hoosier borrowers facing foreclosure to take advantage of the right to a settlement conference and how to seek help if facing foreclosure

Settlement Conference Loss Mitigation Package Checklist (for Borrowers) (PDF)
This is a list of documents your lender may require you to produce in order to evaluate you for various foreclosure-prevention programs. Although this list is intended to be comprehensive, your lender may request additional documents. This list will be periodically updated as lender requirements change. See the following section on our Help for Borrowers page for samples of the documents requested on this checklist. What Items Do I Need?

Sample Summons (for Creditor Attorneys) (PDF)
The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) has prescribed the attached language for the notice required under Indiana Code 32-30-10.5-8(c), to be included on the first page of the summons served on the debtor in a foreclosure action filed after June 30, 2011. This Summons is to be directed only to the maker of a promissory note.

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