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State Court Administration > Publications > Primer for Developing Electronic Filing Pilot Project Primer for Developing Electronic Filing Pilot Project


Judges may determine that an electronic filing system will advance efficiency in their courts and in the Clerk’s office and better serve members of the public and bar. If so, Administrative Rule 16 and Trial Rule 77 authorizes courts to establish practices and procedures for the filing, signing, verification and service of pleadings and papers, and sending notices, by electronic means. Judges must develop an electronic filing pilot project plan and adopt local rules according to Trial Rule 81 to implement the plan. Courts must submit a written request for approval of the plan to the Division of State Court Administration.

The Process

Administrative Rule 16 and its Appendix contain the definitions and necessary elements for approval required for electronic filing and electronic service pilot projects. A Sample Plan and Model Local Court Rules needed to implement a plan are below.

How to Do It

Courts should develop a Plan to Implement Electronic Filing or Electronic Service Pilot Project. Here is a Sample Plan:

Courts should draft local court rules (and necessary forms) to establish practices and procedures necessary for electronic filing and service. Here is a Model Local Court Rule for Electronic Filing and suggested Forms:
Courts should then submit the Plan and Local Court Rule and Forms to the Division of State Court Administration by email to:  and  

Questions may be directed to either Jeff Wiese or Jim Maguire at the above email addresses or by phone at 317-232-2542.