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Though the Division of State Court Administration, the Indiana Judicial Center and the Indiana Association of Circuit Court Clerks all provide resources, training, and guidance for elected judges and clerks, the large volume of information a judge or clerk needs to do their job effectively is significant. Countless rules, statutes and standards directly impact the daily work of both judges and clerks who must become familiar with and utilize them on a regular basis.

Expungement Digests:

Below are links to digest materials for trial court judges, court staff and clerks that provide guidance on the 2015 amendments to the Expungement statutes (I.C. 35-38-9). Because many courts will need to address issues that arise from orders issued under the 2014 version of the statute, these digest materials are also available.

This manual—divided into over 50 chapters of summary information on each topic—provides an introduction to issues that judges and clerks most often confront. Each chapter contains links to the full text of Indiana Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions, Indiana Code text and Indiana Supreme Court rules, forms, and other publications and resources.

Rules and statutes are frequently amended. While these chapters are available in PDF format for easy printing, the chapter files on this website will always be the most up-to-date version available.

The last page of each chapter references the most up-to date version.

Chapter Title Related Rules
0 Prologue (Table of Contents and Contact Information)
1 Initiating a Case & Assigning a Case Number Administrative Rule 8 (and Trial Rule 3)
2 Appearances Trial Rule 3.1 and Criminal Rule 2.1
3 Filing With the Court: What is Filed and When is it Officially a Part of the Court File (Including Public Access) Trial Rule 5(E), (F) And (G)
4 Administrative Rule 9 and Confidentiality: The “Green Paper Rule”
5 Confidentiality and Sealed Cases Administrative Rule 9 and I.C. 5-14-3-5.5
6 The Chronological Case Summary (CCS) and the Record of Judgments and Orders (RJO) Trial Rule 77: Court Records
7 Notice of Rulings, Orders and Judgments Trial Rule 72(D): Trial Court and Clerks
8 Tax Sale Filings: Assigning a Case Number
9 Processing Tax Warrants
10 Depositing Wills with the Circuit Court Clerk
11 Transfer and Venue Trial Rules 12, 75, 76 & 78
12 Change of Judge for Civil and Criminal Cases Trial Rules 76 & 79
13 Failure to Rule on a Motion and Delay of Judgments Trial Rules 53.1 & 53.2
14 Protection Orders
15 Processing Motor Vehicle Violations SR 16 / BMV Abstracts
16 Document Imaging and Microfilming Standards Administrative Rule 6, Court Records Media Storage Standards
17 Judicial Record Retention Schedules Administrative Rule 7
18 Public Requests for Bulk Distribution and Compiled Information Administrative Rule 9(F)
19 Preparation of Statistical Reports: Quarterly and Annual Reports Administrative Rules 1 and 2
20 Weighted Caseload Measures and the Quarterly Case Status Report (QCSR)
21 Caseload Allocation Plans Administrative Rule 1(E)
22 Mandate of Funds Trial Rule 60.5
23 Local Court Rules: Primer for Local Rules Adoption, Repeal or Amendment Trial Rule 81
24 Senior Judges Administrative Rule 5(B)
25 Judge Pro Tempore Trial Rule 63
26 Notice of Completion of Clerk’s Record in Appeals Appellate Rule 10(C)
27 Court Reporters, Transcript Preparation and Administrative Rule 15
28 Transcripts in Appeals Appellate Rules 28 & 30
29 Notice of Completion of Transcript in Appeals Appellate Rule 10(D)
30 Motions for Extension of Time in Appeals Appellate Rules 10(E) and 11(C)
31 Interlocutory Appeals Appellate Rule 14
32 Certification of Appellate Opinions and Memorandum Decisions Appellate Rule 65(E)
33 Electronic Filing Pilot Projects Administrative Rule 16
34 Marriage License e-File System on INcite
35 Jury Management System on INcite
36 Mental Health Adjudication Reporting
37 Criminal Case Judgments and Report of Case Disposition
38 Expungement of Adult Arrest Records and Juvenile Records
39 Restricting Access to Criminal History Information
40 Protocol for Transfer of Records when Court Abolished
41 Trials De Novo
42 Public Access to Microfilmed Records Containing Restricted Criminal History Information
43 Electronic Abstract of Judgment
44 The Expungement Statute
45 Restrict Access to Infraction Records
46 CHINS Measures Administrative Rule 1(F)
47 Emergency Petitions for Administrative Orders Administrative Rule 17
48 Problem Solving Courts
49 Public Access to Paternity Case Information
50 Amended or Corrected Judgments or Orders
51 Judgment Docket Book
52 Judge's Role in Lawyer Admission and Discipline
53 Driving Privileges