Indiana Judges and Lawyers
Assistance Program
320 N. Meridian St., Suite 606
Indianapolis, IN 46204

PHO: 317-833-0370
TOLL FREE: 866-428-5527
FAX: 317-833-0371

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About JLAP

Research has shown that lawyers may suffer from substance abuse and depression at a rate higher than the general population. Experience has shown that lawyers may be more reluctant than others to seek help... Learn more >>


Indiana Lawyer Series

The Indiana Lawyer is running a bimonthly series of articles about JLAP to increase awareness about JLAP services and reduce the stigma of asking for help.

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The Besden Redemption: One lawyer's story

One attorney shares her story of the downward spiral of addiction and a remarkable message of recovery and hope.

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  • Caring for the Caregiver. A JLAP support group for attorneys who are caregivers. This is a virtual group. For more information please contact JLAP at 317-833-0370  OR 1-866-428-5527.
  • Substance Abuse Issues Support Group. Lake, Porter, and Surrounding Counties; call for specific location: 866-428-5527.
  • Confidential Attorney Depression and Stress Support Group. Lake, Porter, & Surrounding Counties; call for specific location: 866-428-5527.

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