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Latest News & Headlines

E-filing in Johnson County now available; mandatory November 25

SEP 26, 2016 | Notice

Electronic filing is now available in 37 civil and criminal case types in the Johson Circuit & Superior Courts. On Friday, November 25, e-filing will be mandatory in these courts for all subsequent filings by attorneys. E-filing is voluntary in 7 counties and mandatory in 10, and is expected to be statewide by the end of 2018.

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Children's Commission 2015-2016 annual report online

SEP 23, 2016 | Press Release

The annual report for the Commission on Improving the Status of Children in Indiana is available online at www.in.gov/children. The 22-page report is a window into the collaborative work being done across all three branches of government to improve the lives of Hoosier children-especially the most vulnerable. The report was developed by the 18-member Commission.

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