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Indiana Attorneys engaged in the pro bono representation of a client may use this form to request free LexisNexis time. Thanks to the efforts of the Indiana State Bar Association, LexisNexis awarded the Indiana Pro Bono Commission (IPBC) an annual grant of LexisNexis research, free of charge. The research must, however, be used in the course of representing a lower income client with the understanding that your services are provided free of charge.

Please fill out the attached form (link below) and return it to the address for the contact person in your region. The contact person will provide you with the access number. You must then return the completed form as soon as you have finished your research.

Please fax completed form to:

Susan Jacobs
Indiana State Bar Association
One Indiana Square, Suite 500
Indianapolis, IN 46204
FAX: 317-266-2588


Pro Bono LexisNexis Request Form