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IC 14-21-2
     Chapter 2. Cemetery Preservation

IC 14-21-2-1
Chapter exemptions
Sec. 1. This chapter does not apply to the following:
        (1) A cemetery owner (as defined in IC 23-14-33-8) in the course of performing a legitimate function under IC 23-14 in relation to the owner's cemetery (as defined in IC 23-14-33-7).
        (2) The owner of a grave memorial who, for the purpose of replacing a grave memorial with a different grave memorial, transfers ownership of the grave memorial to a cemetery, cemetery owner, or grave memorial provider.
As added by P.L.100-1999, SEC.1.

IC 14-21-2-2
"Grave memorial" defined
Sec. 2. As used in this chapter, "grave memorial" refers to a gravestone, monument, grave marker, or any other type of similar item.
As added by P.L.100-1999, SEC.1.

IC 14-21-2-3
Filing required following lawful removal of grave memorial
Sec. 3. (a) A person who lawfully removes a grave memorial must file the following with the county recorder of the county where the grave memorial was located before its removal:
        (1) A precise description of all text appearing on the grave memorial including:
            (A) names;
            (B) dates;
            (C) references to other individuals; and
            (D) mementos.
        (2) A photograph of the grave memorial.
        (3) A written description and photograph of the location of the site from which the grave memorial was removed.
    (b) A county recorder may collect a filing fee under IC 36-2-7-10 for filings under this section.
    (c) A county recorder is:
        (1) not required to obtain special recording equipment for the purpose of recording the information listed in subsection (a); and
        (2) required to record only the information listed in subsection (a) that the recorder's current recording equipment can accommodate.
    (d) The state board of accounts shall prescribe a form for recording the information listed in subsection (a). The form shall be available to the public at each local health department office.
As added by P.L.100-1999, SEC.1.

IC 14-21-2-4
Purchase or sale of items removed from cemetery prohibited
Sec. 4. A person may not buy or sell any of the following that have been removed from a cemetery:
        (1) Grave memorial.
        (2) Grave artifact.
        (3) Grave ornamentation.
        (4) Cemetery enclosure.
        (5) Other commemorative item.
As added by P.L.100-1999, SEC.1.

IC 14-21-2-5
Chapter violations
Sec. 5. A person who knowingly violates a provision of this chapter commits a Class C misdemeanor.
As added by P.L.100-1999, SEC.1.