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IC 16-41-39.6
     Chapter 39.6. Osteoporosis Education

IC 16-41-39.6-1
Osteoporosis prevention and treatment education program
Sec. 1. (a) The state department may establish an osteoporosis prevention and treatment education program.
    (b) If the state department establishes a program under subsection (a) the state department shall do the following:
        (1) Design and implement strategies for raising public awareness concerning the causes and nature of osteoporosis, personal risk factors, the value of prevention and early detection, and options for diagnosing and treating osteoporosis.
        (2) Develop and work with other state and local governmental agencies in presenting osteoporosis educational programs for physicians and other health professionals with the most current and accurate scientific and medical information on:
            (A) prevention, diagnosis, and treatment;
            (B) therapeutic decision making, including guidelines for detecting and treating the disease in special populations;
            (C) risks and benefits of medications; and
            (D) research advances.
        (3) Conduct a statewide needs assessment to identify one (1) or more of the following concerning osteoporosis:
            (A) Indiana specific data that analyzes the extent of osteoporosis in the state.
            (B) Available technical assistance and educational materials and programs nationwide.
            (C) The level of public awareness about osteoporosis.
            (D) The needs of osteoporosis patients and their families and caregivers.
            (E) The needs of health care providers.
            (F) The services available to osteoporosis patients.
            (G) The existence of osteoporosis treatment programs.
            (H) The existence of osteoporosis support groups.
            (I) The existence of osteoporosis rehabilitative services.
            (J) The number and location of bone density testing equipment.
    (c) Based on the results of the needs assessment conducted under subsection (b), the state department shall develop, maintain, and make available a list of osteoporosis services and osteoporosis health care providers who have a specialization in services to prevent, diagnose, and treat osteoporosis.
As added by P.L.147-1997, SEC.4.

IC 16-41-39.6-2
State department powers; improvement and coordination of services
Sec. 2. The state department may do the following:
        (1) Work to improve the capacity of community based services

available to osteoporosis patients.
        (2) Work with other state and local governmental agencies, community and business leaders, community organizations, health care and human service providers, and national osteoporosis organizations to coordinate efforts and maximize state resources in the areas of prevention, education, and treatment of osteoporosis.
        (3) Identify and, when appropriate, replicate or use successful osteoporosis programs and procure related materials and services from organizations with appropriate experience and knowledge of osteoporosis.
As added by P.L.147-1997, SEC.4.

IC 16-41-39.6-3
Osteoporosis education fund
Sec. 3. (a) The osteoporosis education fund is established for the purpose of carrying out the duties under this chapter. The fund shall be administered by the state department.
    (b) The treasurer of state may invest the money in the fund not currently needed to meet the obligations of the fund in the same manner as other public funds may be administered.
    (c) Money in the fund at the end of a fiscal year does not revert to the state general fund.
    (d) The fund consists of money accepted by the department from grants and donations from private entities.
As added by P.L.147-1997, SEC.4.