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IC 25-23.6-6
     Chapter 6. Social Workers; Privileged Communications

IC 25-23.6-6-1
Matters related in official capacity; exceptions to privilege
Sec. 1. Matters communicated to a counselor in the counselor's official capacity by a client are privileged information and may not be disclosed by the counselor to any person, except under the following circumstances:
        (1) In a criminal proceeding involving a homicide if the disclosure relates directly to the fact or immediate circumstances of the homicide.
        (2) If the communication reveals the contemplation or commission of a crime or a serious harmful act.
        (3) If:
            (A) the client is an unemancipated minor or an adult adjudicated to be incompetent; and
            (B) the information communicated to the counselor indicates the client was the victim of abuse or a crime.
        (4) In a proceeding to determine mental competency, or a proceeding in which a defense of mental incompetency is raised.
        (5) In a civil or criminal malpractice action against the counselor.
        (6) If the counselor has the express consent of:
            (A) the client; or
            (B) in the case of a client's death or disability, the express consent of the client's legal representative.
        (7) To a physician if the physician is licensed under IC 25-22.5 and has established a physician-patient relationship with the client.
        (8) Circumstances under which privileged communication is abrogated under Indiana law.
As added by P.L.186-1990, SEC.9. Amended by P.L.147-1997, SEC.57.