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IC 31-14-18
     Chapter 18. Court Costs

IC 31-14-18-1
Expenses of medical tests
Sec. 1. The court may tax as costs the reasonable expenses of any medical tests authorized under IC 31-14-6 (or IC 31-6-6.1-8 before its repeal).
As added by P.L.1-1997, SEC.6.

IC 31-14-18-2
Costs of maintaining action and attorney's fees
Sec. 2. (a) The court may order a party to pay:
        (1) a reasonable amount for the cost to the other party of maintaining an action under this article; and
        (2) a reasonable amount for attorney's fees, including amounts for legal services provided and costs incurred, before the commencement of the proceedings or after entry of judgment.
    (b) The court may order the amount to be paid directly to the attorney, who may enforce the order in the attorney's name.
    (c) Except as otherwise provided by law, neither costs nor attorney's fees may be taxed against an agency or the agency's agents that is authorized to maintain proceedings under this article by Title IV-D of the federal Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 651 through 669) and IC 31-25-4-17.
As added by P.L.1-1997, SEC.6. Amended by P.L.145-2006, SEC.230.