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General Funding Info.
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AmeriCorps*State General Funding Info

Serve Indiana accepts grant proposals for AmeriCorps* State programs on an annual basis.  CNCS and the Serve Indiana Commission seeks to fund programs that can demonstrate community impact and solve community problems through an evidence-based approach

Eligible Applicants

  • Educational institutions
  • Government/State Entities
  • Non-profit organizations with a 501(c)3 status

Types of Applicants

  • Planning Grant Applicant, eligible organizations are those that have:
    • Not previously received funding for an AmeriCorps*State planning or operational grant
  • New Applicant for Operational Funding, eligible organizations are those that have:
    1. Not previously operated an AmeriCorps*State program
    2. Not operated a program in more than five years
    3. Serve Indiana approval needed to request more than 50 member slots (if applicable)
  • Continuing Applicant for Operational Funding, eligible organizations are those that have: 
    • Organizations currently operating in their first year of that are applying for their second or third year of operating an AC*State program
  • Re-compete Applicant for Operational Funding,  eligible organizations are those that have:  
    • Organizations completing their third year of operating an AmeriCorps* State program and are applying for their first year of a new funding cycle

    Not sure what type of applicant you are and you are seeking operational funding?  Our flow chart might help:  Types of Operational Funding Applicants

    Types of Grants Available

    • Operating Grants
      Fully developed plans ready for implementation
      Formula or competitive funding (see “Notice of Funding Opportunities” for definitions)
    • Planning Grants (New organizations only)
      Not to exceed $50,000
      Provides time and resources to plan, develop, and propose a successful program
    • 3/9 Planning Grants -Hybrid of the planning and operating grants (new organizations only)
      3 months of preparation & 9 months operational (with Members active)

    New Applicants

    Make sure you read all the information contained on our AmeriCorps page and take the Readiness Assessment (found on our Resources for Organizations webpage) before starting your application.  If the Readiness Assessment reveals the organization is not yet ready to operate a full AmeriCorps program, it may instead be ready to act as a host site for one of our current operating programs or it might be ready to apply for a planning grant. 

    New organizations are strongly encouraged to apply for a planning grant prior to applying for an operating grant.  The planning grant process can take 1-2 years to get to a point of having active members (if operating funds are awarded).  For a traditional planning grant, the organization would apply for the funding in September/October of year 1.  If awarded, they would use the planning grant funds starting in September of year 2 to learn about AmeriCorps and develop a quality application submitted in application for an operating grant that would begin in August/September of year 3.  For a 3/9 planning grant, the organization should contact Serve Indiana for a description of the process and timeline (which is generally shorter).

    If you are curious about the process of the planning period of a planning grant please contact us.   

    AmeriCorps State Funding Timeline

    The following chart will give new applicants a general understanding of the order and general time of year that the deadlines occur.  Specific days can be found in the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) and Request for Proposals (RFP).  All items in the following timeline are subject to change and should not be considered final.


    CNCS/AmeriCorps Notices of Funding & Application Instructions

    Operation AmeriCorps* Funding Opportunity

    Overview & Eligibility
    Operation AmeriCorps is a new initiative recently announced by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) that asks tribal and local leaders to identify a high-priority local challenge that AmeriCorps State and National, AmeriCorps NCCC and/or AmeriCorps VISTA members can holistically address in a relatively short period of time (no more than two years). The grant competition is open exclusively to tribal and local governments, including counties, cities, towns, and school districts; and State Service Commissions. Proposals must be place-based, coordinated with existing community organizations, and with transformational outcomes.
    The solution may be a new initiative, or it may use national service to scale up an existing successful effort, but in either case AmeriCorps must be the additive ingredient to achieve transformative change at the local level.

    Operation AmeriCorps Funding Priorities
    The Fiscal Year 2015 Operation AmeriCorps competition has two funding priorities. Applicants may choose to apply to either of the priorities.  The first priority is narrowly tailored and focused on specific post-secondary outcomes for students.  The second priority is more flexible and allows localities to identify their most pressing challenge.  Please click here to access more information, including the Notice of Funding Opportunity, Application Instructions, FAQs, and the schedule of technical assistance calls.

    Interested in exploring this opportunity?
    If you are interested in learning more about Operation AmeriCorps and have an idea that includes AmeriCorps State members, please contact Serve Indiana at (317) 232-2504 or as soon as possible to explore that further.  Organizations that choose to apply will be required to submit a draft of the 10-page concept paper to Serve Indiana no later than Monday, January 5th.

    AmeriCorps*State Notices of Funding & Application Instructions

    AmeriCorps*State Funding Opportunities

    2015 AmeriCorps funded organizations
    2015-2016 Concept Paper Instructions for Planning Grants and Operational Grants (Released August 19, 2014) for New and Re-Compete Applicants.  The Concept Paper was due September 12, 2014. 

    2015-2016 Notice of Funding Opportunity (Provided to those who submitted operational concept papers on October 16, 2015). The application is due November 17, 2014. Applications are only to be received by those who submitted concept papers to Serve Indiana by the deadline.
    2015-2016 NOFO Indiana Glossary
    2015-2016 Application Instructions (Released November 4, 2014; Updated November 10, 2014) The application is due November 17, 2014. Applications are only to be received by those who submitted concept papers to Serve Indiana by the deadline.
    Tutorial for completing the Performance Measures screens in eGrants

    Technical Assistance Information: Please note that the technical assistance provided through this link is directly from the Corporation for National and Community     Service resources. Please note that if your organization plans to apply through Serve Indiana to operate only within Indiana then you are required to follow the due dates in the above notice and application instructions.

    Any questions or technical assistance needed beyond these resources should be directed to

    National Direct Consultation
    Please complete this document and email to by December 31, 2014. This process is for organizations applying for 2015-2016 AmeriCorps funding directly to the CNCS to place members in multiple states (including Indiana). Serve Indiana will provide written feedback to the applicant organization within two weeks.
    Preparing for the Process
    The application process moves quickly once the NOFO and RFP are released, it is important to prepare prior to the start of the application process. Please start preparing for the next application period by signing up for our e-newsletter, reviewing the expired materials above, taking the readiness assessment located on our Resources for Organizations page under the "Is Your Organization Ready for AmeriCorps?" section, and starting drafts of your application based on the old materials.  When the final instructions are released your program can make updates and changes to the draft to make sure if follows the application instructions for that program year.   

    Previous Funding Opportunities
    Although the deadline has passed for submitting a concept paper or notice of intent for the 2014-2015 AmeriCorps funding year, please use the materials below for reference to get an idea of what the full application process is like.

    2014-2015 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).  This NOFO is provided for your information.  CNCS provides the federal funding that supports the Indiana AmeriCorps*State program.  Applicants proposing to operate an AmeriCorps*State program in Indiana will apply directly to Serve Indiana and should adhere to the dates and application instructions specific to Indiana (old materials provided below for reference).  Serve Indiana submits the applications to CNCS on behalf of Indiana programs and therefore requires different due dates for submission. The dates listed in the NOFO above apply only to Serve Indiana and programs that propose to operate in multiple states.

    2014-2015 Request for Proposals for Planning and Operating Grants (Released August 1, 2013, Concept Paper/Notice of Intent Due September 3, 2013)
    2014 Indiana Planning Grant Application Instructions (Released October 11, 2013, Due November 7, 2013)
    2014 Indiana New and Recompete Application Instructions (Released October 11, 2013, Due November 7, 2013)

    AmeriCorps*State Regulations & Tools for Applicants


    Prohibited Activities


    AmeriCorps*State Policies 

    Domestic Service Act

    The National and Community Service Act of 1990

    45 CFR Chapter XXV

    OMB CIRCULARS: A-21 (Educational Institutions), A-87 (State, Local, and Tribal Governments), A-122 (Nonprofit Organizations)

    Helpful Tools

    Glossary of Terms
    AmeriCorps Lingo 
    Create and Manage an eGrants account
    eGrants Instructions

    *More regulations and resources are located on the “Resources for Grantees” page if you are interested in understanding all the regulations involved in managing an AmeriCorps program.

    AmeriCorps is available to all, without regard to race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, political affiliation, or, in most instances, religion.